Rainbow Facebook Emoticon

How do I get the Rainbow Facebook Emoticon

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How do I get the Facebook response with the rainbow flag?

You might have seen it: This month (June 2017) you can not only “like” with the standard emoticons on Facebook, but also with a rainbow flag. But why are the others using it and you can’t get the rainbow emoticon? How do you get the full range of Facebook emoticons?

First things first, why is there even a rainbow flag emoticon on Facebook?

Seeing we are the rainbow nation, many of us might think the rainbow emoticon was specifically launched for multi-cultural South African Facebook users. However, Facebook has introduced the rainbow flag globally as a reaction to celebrate LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender).

In fact, Facebook announced the new emoticon in a post published at the beginning of the month: “We believe in building a platform that supports all communities. So we’re celebrating love and diversity this Pride by giving you a special reaction.” The new Facebook reaction emoji will be available throughout the month of June.

How do I get the flag now?

This is easier than you think: Mark the LGBTQ Facebook page with “Like”: LGBTQ@Facebook
Now refresh your page or restart your app and you can also react with the rainbow flag!

Cool, thanks what now?

Share the wisdom with others! Tell your friends about it – I bet everyone is happy about this tip!
You have already discovered it: This month (June 2017) you can not only “like” with the standard reactions on Facebook, but also with a rainbow flag.

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