You are not getting sales from your newsletter campaigns or worse, your marketing mailer looks totally different on your computer at home?

Building successful email marketing campaigns has never been more important than now. According to Hubspot, 86% of consumers would like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with at least monthly, and 15% would like to get them daily. (Statista, 2015). Despite the popularity of marketing mailers, businesses don’t experience the expected results.

The most common pitfalls are:

• Lack of AB split testing: Only 47% of marketers say they sometimes test alternate subject lines to optimize email performance. (MarketingProfs, 2016)
• Lack of personalization: The open rate for emails with a personalized message was 17.6%, compared to 11.4% without personalization. (Statista, 2014)
• Lack of segmentation: 42% of marketers do not send targeted email messages; only 4% use layered targeting. (MarketingProfs, 2016)
• Image/Text Ratio: As the number of images in an email increases, the clickthrough rate of the email tends to decrease. (HubSpot, 2014)
• Lack of professional software: Marketing mailers are sent out using software that is not specifically designed for promotional emails.

Furthermore marketing mailers, in order to be successful, need to be tested for different email services. A carefully designed marketing mailer tested for Apple Mail, might look different when opened in Outlook 7. Nothing worse than opening your marketing mailer on your computer at home just to realise that the layout is faulty and the mailer looks completely different. Email service providers all render your carefully coded marketing campaign differently. Knowing the ins and outs of designing and coding marketing emails, by consulting with Email Standards during the design process, ensures that your mailer looks professional in every inbox.

Three-quarters of companies agree that email offers “excellent” to “good” ROI. (Econsultancy, 2016)

At One Click Media, we work with professional email marketing software, which enables AV split testing, Litmus testing, email personalization and feedback loops. Working with us, you will be able to send out marketing campaigns, which are engaging, well coded and thoroughly tested for different email service providers. This way your marketing mailers will pay off by generating leads and subscriptions.

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