You have set up social media profiles but nobody wants to follow you? You don’t know if your social media efforts even pay off?

You spend time on social media marketing but you are unsure how to measure the success of your Social Media efforts? How do Facebook profiles gain their followers? What should you post about?

Word of mouth has moved online. Have you? Strong Social Media strategies send social signals, which are not only crucial for your website ranking but also increase your reach and help your business to be top of mind. Sending social signals is a way to get potential clients to think of you first when they need a service associated with your industry. Potential clients judge a business by how well maintained the website and social media profiles are. They also check your reviews. Neglected social media profiles with a small fan base and irregular updates do not spark trust.

According to Hubspot, at least 61% of those investing a minimum of six hours per week in social media marketing saw improvements in search engine rankings.(Social Media Examiner, 2015)

We assist small businesses with their Social Media strategy. We make sure you use the social networks that will benefit you the most. We research your industry, identify key players and network on your behalf. We generate posts, share engaging content and implement competitions. We grow your reach and engagement. We have Social Media software, which automates parts of our Social Media Marketing and enables us to measure results of our Social Media Marketing efforts.

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