No matter if you are running a small or a big company, a professional website is the fundamental core of an online presence and digital marketing strategy.

We design beautiful, user-friendly WordPress websites, which are easy to maintain. We not only design WordPress websites to present your brand and products but also to increase enquiries and ultimately sales.

A website should be part of every professional brand. How many times have you chosen a company over another because you liked their website? No doubt professional websites boost credibility and ultimately revenue.

Having an online presence could increase the chances of growing from 28% to 43%. – Deloitte, 2014

Why WordPress, you might ask yourself. WordPress websites have become an industry standard. There are over 61 million WordPress websites worldwide. A small company website is affordable and flexible in terms of maintenance. Great Google rank is an added benefit. If you are starting small and at a later stage need to integrate extra functionality into your WordPress website, like a payment gateway, multiple languages or a business directory it can easily be added. Being a multi-lingual marketing agency, we have over the past 10 years designed websites in WordPress and Joomla for a wide variety of small and medium sized companies across many different industries, including retail, tourism, medical, property, recruitment and immigration.

Our small company websites start at R4750. You can find additional website pricing information here. Please get in touch – let’s discuss the requirements for your WordPress website.


 Service Offering
Domain Registration: We assist your domain search and register your domain on your behalf.
Domain Hosting: We provide hosting for your domain. No problems with downtime or slow load speeds.
WordPress Website: We design a professional, responsive WordPress website for you.
Emails: We set up your email addresses.
Training: We teach you how to make changes on your website, so you can maintain your own website.