Are you not getting sales from your newsletter campaigns or worse your email marketing design looks totally different on your computer at home?

Marketing mailers or newsletters can look funny for the wrong reasons. Nothing worse than opening your marketing mailer on your computer at home just to realise that the layout has bombed out and the mailer looks completely different. Email service providers all render your carefully coded marketing campaign differently. Knowing the ins and outs of designing and coding marketing emails is crucial. The email standards project show the extend of the problem.

Many companies have a newsletter or monthly marketing mailers, because everybody else does. Many companies don’t know how to write engaging content for their marketing mailer, design a marketing email, code it and send it to get the most out of their newsletter campaign in terms of sales. Most clients have a newsletter subscription form on their website but find subscriptions are slow. Often emails are send out via Gmail or Outlook and consequently look funny when arriving on the other side or end up in spam.

At One Click, we have gained our email marketing design experience at GraphicMail, one of the leading international email marketing software solutions. Working with us, you will be able to send out marketing campaigns, which are engaging, well coded and thoroughly tested for different email service providers. Like this you will generate sales and subscriptions.

View our email marketing design portfolio here.

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