Many small companies and start ups are just too small to run a marketing department, with all it involves: Salaries, maternity leave, pension fund, desks and computers, labour laws etc.

One Click offers a professional marketing service when you need it – on an ad hoc, project or marketing retainer basis. We are experts in digital/online marketing, including websites, newsletters and google search engine ranking. We also assist with the more traditional marketing material you require such as brochures, flyers and business cards.

If you are a small or medium sizes company, a marketing service is your solution. Here is how it works:

1. Contact us

Send us an email with your marketing needs or phone us.

e.g. “Hi OneClick, we need a weekly mailer and want to add images and text to our website. We also have some new staff members who need business cards.”


2. You decide on how many marketing hours you need

Talk to me about your marketing needs and we decide how many marketing hours you need. I can either work on your projects remotely assigning a certain amount of marketing hours to your business or come into your offices. You decide if you need me once a week or once a month. To achieve the best results and make sure your marketing material is up-to-date, I suggest a weekly marketing retainer.

“Could you come into our offices once a week and address all marketing tasks that need to be done?”


3. I get to know you and your company

Just like in any other job you want to know who you are dealing with. I suggest we meet for a coffee or a green tea and you tell me about your company, products, objectives and tell me about your up-coming marketing campaigns.

“Lets meet. I am interested to hear what you think.”


4. You make a decision

“Hi Michaela, I really like what you suggested. Show me how this translates into sales. Let’s get the ball rolling.”


5. You enjoy the results

Outsourcing your marketing services means: Reduced people management, low risk, high flexibility, innovative design, staffing flexibility, reduced overheads, on time projects.

Contact me today to discuss your marketing needs.

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