Marketing support for small businesses – Website maintenance, website development, logos, newsletter, ads, product videos and marketing documentation and other initiatives that get you clients.

Small businesses often justĀ cannot afford a marketing department and employing “non-revenue generating staff members” is just not a viable option. Often the business owner ends up maintaining the company website, posting on Facebook and even designing flyers for the company. We have worked for businesses, where marketing has been so neglected that leads only come in through word of mouth, passing trade or costly online advertising partnerships. The company website was either non-existent or so badly maintained that google wasn’t listing it. Many of our clients didn’t believe in marketing, particularly online marketing and were extremely surprised about the additional business it generated for their company.

One Click Media caters for small businesses and their adhoc marketing needs. We will assess your marketing support need, fix your current marketing media and offer you an affordable monthly marketing support package to maintain your marketing presence..

We have supported a variety of start-up businesses building up their brands from scratch. In the process, we have set up the marketing for small companies in the tourism, health, recruitment, immigration and retail sector. Over the years we have conceptualised several corporate identities and developed professional responsive websites, email campaigns and logos to go with it.

Have a look at our portfolio. We are big picture thinkers with years of hands-on experience. We can offer you the marketing support you need as a small and medium sized company. If you don’t have a marketing department, outsourcing your marketing is the way to go.

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