Each one of our website maintenance clients has very specific marketing support needs and requirements. Take our website development pricing for instance. The price for a brand new website depends on the size of the website, its required functionalities (e.g. e-commerce, business directory, jobs ads), design customisations, the work we do towards search engine optimisation and website security.

We are aware that your website maintenance needs and requirements are very different from those of other clients. You might need the odd website update every couple of month, for instance upload a new price list or fix a link or add a picture. Or perhaps you have set up a comprehensive marketing presence, which needs to be maintained. We professionally update your website and keep your social media current and interesting, while growing your audience. We also code, test and send out professional marketing newsletter campaigns. Our search engine professionals are experts in their field, using latest search engine optimisation techniques to have your website feature before the competition in search results.

Our pricing is transparent at all times. Before we start any work or do any changes to you website, we send you a quote. Contact us today for pricing and your customised quote.