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Six reasons why your website needs maintenance

Good on you for having a website. Like this search engine robots and humans have a better chance of finding you. If you run a small business your webmaster or the marketing agency you used for your website development, has probably passed on some login details encouraging you to make changes to your website on a DIY basis. However, you might have a business to run and a family to entertain and the admin backend of your website looks suddenly much more complicated than during the website crash course.

Updating your website is the last thing on your mind. You might feel website maintenance is perhaps not that important, as long as you have a website. Think again.

1. Your website visitors are not coming back

If your website never features any new products, industry relevant articles or updates, visitors won’t come back. Your website has lost its appeal as a source of current information.

Return traffic, as Google calls it, is a major indicator for the quality of your website, and hence for your google listing.

2. You miss out on sales

If you don’t feature latest products on your website, you don’t only miss out on sales but visitors will also get frustrated not finding what they are looking for.

3. Your website visitors loose trust

Even if you generate most of your sales through word of mouth, people will check your website, even just to find your contact details. First impressions count. Make sure your website is up-to-date.

“Great thanks for the tip, do they have a website?”

4. Your website is not functioning as it should

Did you know, if you never run any updates on your website you open doors for hackers? Website maintenance ensures that content management software and plugins are updated regularly.
This ensures functionality and security of your website.

5. Your keywords need to be fine-tuned

A good webmaster is in tune with the keyword architecture of your website and where each page of your website features on google. Website maintenance ensures that your google listing improves with time by making small tweaks to the content of each page.

6. You are not keeping up with the latest technology

If your website is older than 5 years, chances are it is outdated and cumbersome to navigate on mobile devices. HTML 5 and responsive design have taken the web development world by storm. Your website is reflecting the success of your business. Website maintenance ensures your website looks professional and up-to-date.

We specialise in website maintenance. Please feel free to contact us for website maintenance and discuss your website maintenance requirements.

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